About Us

TranzHorizons have over 30 years of experience in both educational and training services.

We are committed to a service that is reliable, accurate and safe, making sure we pay attention to every detail.

We’re able to provide you with help on how to find the perfect course, with detailed information on studying in the UK, as well as visa requirements and scholarships.

Our Promise

We provide our clients with all the advice and tools they’ll need to start studying in the UK.
We promise to be there from the start of your journey with us, all the way to your graduation.

Whatever you need, TransHorizons have you covered.

We collaborate with many different education institutes, including Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sterling, Dundee, Aberdeen and Bristol, who have given us authority to represent them. This gives us a guarantee that applications we assist with, are reviewed by the experts.

Helping people with education and training since 1990


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